Cosmetic Surgeries

All plastic and cosmetic surgeries which are performed in this ward include:
abdomen,breasts,excess fat removals, prosthesis, wrinkles eliminations, facial rejuvenations and restorative procedures.



Service Cost
Mamoplasty 2879$
Septorhinoplasty 1629$
Blepharoplasty 1879$
Stomach Shrinking Surgery
Abdominoplasty & Breast Cosmetic Surgery 2499$



DR.Behrooz GandomiOtorhinolaryngologist  
DR.Bizhan khademiOtorhinolaryngologist  
DR.Reza KaboodkhaniOtorhinolaryngologist  
DR.Saeed MarzbanSubspecialist in cosmetic and plastic surgery  
DR.Nasser OwjiSubspecialist in Ophthalmology  
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